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Social Responsibility
Charity efforts
Green Enterprise
CSR Report
Conflict Minerals Policy
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Green Enterprise

With regards to environmentally-friendly aspect, Cheng Fwa adopts a “Total Quality Management (TQM)” approach that integrates quality with environmental protection. By the implementation of 5S management, every employee forms a good habit of putting things where they belong and therefore creates a neat and comfortable workplace. Since there is only one Earth and it is our responsibility to reduce energy consumption, carbon emissions and conserve our environment.

Waste Management and Recycling
Disposal of waste generated by factory facility is subcontracted to a government-approved agency. The waste is divided 2 main categories: recyclable (paper, plastic, pallets, scrap iron) and general waste.

Reducing Carbon Emissions and Saving Energy
Posting up a notice (please turn off the light when you leave, use less paper) and installing sensor faucets in the bathrooms.

Sewage Management
Water pollution control equipments have been installed to dispose sewage and to make sure the required pH value between 6.5 - 9 is met before discharging it.
Name of equipment Type of waste Description of process Unit
Waste water treatment equipment Sewage 23.2CMD

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