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Investor Relations
Company Profile
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Corporate Governance
Services for shareholders
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Corporate Governance

Article of Incorporation
Chapter 1:General Provisions Chapter 2:Shares/ Stocks Chapter 3:Shareholders’ Meeting Chapter 4:Directors and Supervisors
Chapter 5:Managers and employees Chapter 6:Accounting Chapter 7:Supplementary Provisions  

Governance Policy
Procedures for Acquisition and Disposal of Assets Procedures for Financial Derivatives Transactions Procedures for Endorsements, Commitments and Contingencies
Procedures for Lending Funds to Other Parties Internal Audit Organization and Enforcement Rules Organization Chart
Setting and title of Managers Measures and Amendments of the boarding meeting Compensation Committee Article of Incorporation
Ethics code of Conduct Application to suspend and resume trading operating procedures Internal significant information processing and prevention of insider trading management operating procedures
Procedures for Ethical Management and Guidelines for Conduc Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles for companies

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