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Mass Production

Flexibility, quality and fast speed characterize our Production Department. Cheng Fwa offers the most professional, comprehensive metal stamping production service. In terms of stamping processing, we provide the most cost-effective and flexible production process via the planned integration of stage dies and progressive dies and 24-hour automated production model. Besides this, we use robot lines and automated material feeders to ensure the stability and quality of production process and to achieve shortened working hours and cost down. In the finishing processing, we not only have coating, spot-welding, cleaning and anodizing facilities, but also provide services of assembly, testing and packaging. With this “All-In-One” service and automated facilities, we shall be able to surpass customers’ expectation and enhance satisfactions.

Punching Press Machine

In the stamping industry, we have taken a lead to adopt robot automated production lines. Since the first automated production line was set up in 1983, we have accumulated substantial experiences and further stridden towards comprehensive automation. Our highly-experienced mechanic team has cooperated with Press machinery magnates such as Shieh Yih and AIDA to optimize production process. We have 300-ton double-crank punching press machines, robot lines and various hydraulic press machines, which enable us to provide all kinds of press services.

Spot Welding
To achieve the quality standard required by customers, Cheng Fwa has the most qualified Spot Welding personnel to make precise Welding Dies coordinating with all kinds of Spot Welding Machines.

Automation of Riveting、Joint Assembly、Tapping

With automation of nail riveting, terminal riveting and screw tapping developed by technician team in Cheng Fwa, we have successfully saved manpower by 30%, accelerated speed by 20% and minimized the failure rate in the course of production process.

Finishing Processing

We provide specialized services including phosphate film processing, anodizing, hot dip tin plating and silk screen printing. Many years of technical experiences facilitate us to acquire quite a few patents as regards equipment improvements. As a result, we could provide customerswith the most rapid and cost-effective services.

Coating:One-Stop Shopping

There are 3 automatic production lines in our coating department (2 liquid coating and one powder coating respectively) 。Along with Silk-screen printing、pad print machine and assembly & packaging operation, we could offer one-stop shopping service。 Hence, we would be able to provide products with high quality, reduced lead-time and costs to customers。

Plastic injection:

There are 7 high-precision plastic injection machines (from 100 to 400 tons) in our plastic injection department. With variety of services offered, we could not only provide mass production but low-volume prototype fabrication. Consequently, customers’ diverse requirements would be met. Plastic parts and stamping parts can also be assembled and delivered, which significantly reduces lead time and costs. Our one-stop shopping service therefore provides customers with satisfactory products with high quality.


Our professional assembly team presents assembly, testing and packaging services. Our extensive experiences in assembly of Barebone system and system have helped us establish good reputations. We have designed new assembly procedure and assembly line according to customers’ demands, in conjunction with our quality assurance to achieve the objective of zero defects.

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