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Prototype Fabrication and Low-volume Production

With almost twenty years of experiences in terms of prototype fabrication and low volume production. Cheng Fwa has endeavored to make constant breakthrough in technologies and innovations. Consequently our product quality and flexible delivery have been recognized by renowned international customers. In order to pilot-run new products, to reflect the characteristics of shortened life cycle associated with electronic products and to fulfill the low-quantity and high-diversity of customer needs, laser cutting machine, computerized punching press machine, computerized bending machine and soft tooling to manufacture prototypes are widely in use. Low-volume production will be initiated upon customer authorizations. This will then help customers create competitive advantages by ways of saving investment costs in hard-tooling and introducing the product more rapidly the market. One day, if customers decide mass production with hard-tooling, technology and manufacturing department can collaborate to greatly reduce operation time.

With complete production lines, we can design, produce, assemble and test products for customers. The process of prototype fabrication is under strict control to ensure good quality. Furthermore, the three shift work day system is adopted to meet customers’ delivery requirement.

Automatic production control system could improve productivity and shorten lead time.

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