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Company Profile
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Business Model
Cheng Fwa Milestones
Worldwide Location
Quality and HSF policy
Organizational Chart
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Organizational Chart

Tasks of key departments:
Business Decision-Making Committee:(Managers or above and designated personnel) Audit Office General Manager Office
(1) Determination of business strategies and systems
(2) Reviews on business performance and effectiveness of management by objective (MBO)
(3) Major decision making
(4) Reviews on personnel performances
The planning, executions, evaluations and following-up of internal audit related tasks, including internal control, quality assurance system and monitoring irregular activities. (1) Drafts and promotions of strategy planning, business policies and objectives.
(2) Human resource planning and management, trainings and personnel.

Management Committee:(Business Unit Manager or above) Quality Review Committee: Finance Department:(Independent unit under the direct supervision of General Manager) Quality Assurance Department:
(1) Promotions and executions of decisions made by Management Committee.
(2) Reviews and evaluations on the performances of each businesses unit.
(3) Coordination of inter-departmental activities.
(4) Executions and reviews on the internal control system. 
Executions and reviews on quality assurance systems. Taking in charge of capital management, liaison with banks, account handling, budget reviewing, tax declaration, and drafts & analysis of financial reports. Quality inspection and control of procurement, production process, products and equipments purchased, handling of customer complaints.

Manufacturing Business Unit: Administrative Unit: Sales Business Unit
Supervisions towards R&D, Production Control, Prototyping Manufacturing and Mould Departments to ensure each department meet the operational requirements. Supervisions towards Procurement and General administration Departments to ensure their operations meet organizational requirements. Supervisions towards Sales Department and Information Management Department to ensure their operation meet company’s requirements.
R&D Department: Production Department: Production Control Department: Procurement Department: General administration Department: Sales Department: Information Management Department:
Responsible for researches and developments of new products Executions and controls of production-related activities  Planning of production schedules, supervisions of production progresses, coordination of production managements and inventory managements. Procurement of raw materials and outsourcing arrangements In charge of activities such as business planning, advertising, general affairs, benefits, legal affairs and investor relations.  In charge of sales expansion and after sales services. In charge of document controls and developments, maintenances and integrations of information system.
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