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Company Profile
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Cheng Fwa Milestones
Worldwide Location
Quality and HSF policy
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Cheng Fwa Milestones

2010 Expansion plan for factory premises for Changzhou plant, China to boost production capacity.

2009 Passed the ISO9001 (2008) quality system certification.
Acquired 80~330-ton press machine in Changzhou plant (Jeng Yang), China, including one 300-ton double-crank press. A 3-in-1 material feeder was also obtained to increase production efficiency. Furthermore, 2 automated press production lines (220-ton robot) were added the same year as Jeng Yang got ISO9001 (2008 version) certified.

ISO 9001:2008 certification

ISO 9001:2008 certification

2008 Obtained the ISO/TS16949 automobile quality system and QC08000 green product management system certifications.

ISO/TS 16949 certification

QC080000 certification
Purchased 160-ton robot to enhance production capacity and improve quality consistency.Expanded the 160 and 200-ton robot production lines to enhance capacity and accelerate production speed.
Acquired one liquid coating line in Changzhou plant, China and enhanced production capacity.

2007 Purchased a 200-ton single-crank press to enhance productivity.
Acquired 160-ton robot to accelerate production speed and improve quality consistency.
Acquired NCT punching press in Changzhou plant, China, to enhance production capacity.

2006 Purchased 200-ton and100-ton single-crank press to boost capacity.
Purchased Class 100,000 Clean Room.
Acquired Burn-In Room to test systems.
Acquired Tank type Ultrasonic Cleaning Line (12 tanks) in Changzhou plant, China, to create better production conditions for electro-optical products.

2005 Purchased 200-ton and 160-ton robot to accelerate production speed and improve quality consistency.
Purchased a 300-ton press to produce products with larger size and to accelerate production speed.
Enlarged the scale of the factory in Changzhou plant, China. The total surface area of the 2nd factory building is 6681.70 M.

2004 Purchased 200-ton robot equipment to enhance production speed and quality consistency.
Purchased 100 ~ 400-ton plastic-injection machines in Changzhou plant, China, and began pilot run. A 250-ton double-crank press was purchased; Cheng Fwa officially set foot in electro-optical industry.

2003 Proceeded cancellation of treasury stocks. Reduced capital by NT$ 105,430,000, resulting in NT$ 1,041,750,000 of actual capital.

2002 Mass production began in the factory in Mainland China. Got ISO 9001 certified.
Increased capital by NT$ 142,180,000 of cash and 157 millions of surplus, resulting in NT$ 1,147,180,000 of actual capital. Paid back bank loans and added new equipments.

2001 Mass production began in the factory in the U.S.A.
Increased capital by 11 millions of capital reserve and 199 millions of surplus, resulting with 848 millions of actual capital. Continued to increase investments for the founding of the new factory in Mainland China.

2000 With the approval of the corporate body - the Gretai Securities Market of the Republic of China and the Committee of Securities and Futures, Cheng Fwa issued the IPOs on 9th February 2000.
Increased capital by 38 millions of capital reserve and 142 millions of surplus, resulting in 638 millions of actual capital.
Extended production scale, set up a new factory in Arizona, the U.S.A.
Began preparation work for the establishment of new factory in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province in Mainland China.

1999 Increased capital by 52 millions of capital reserve and 106 millions of surplus, resulting in 458 millions of actual capital. Added more Robot stamping equipments, Laser cutting and CNC machines to boost productivity.

1998 Increased capital by 57 millions of cash and 44 millions of surplus, resulting in 300 millions of actual capital. With approval of the Securities and Futures Committee, Cheng Fwa resubmitted declarations and financial statements.
Introduced hot dip tin plating technique die-stamping equipment, and became GE's main provider for tuner chassis.

1997 Got ISO 9002 certified, increased capital to NT$ 199 millions.
1996 Expanded 160-ton automated robot arm production line.

1995 Expanded tin-plating equipments, which can offer diverse services to customers.

1994 Increased capital to NT$ 100 millions, added all kinds of automatic equipment.

1991 Purchased Laser Cutting Machine, began to produce a small quantity of multiple products and shortened development time for customers.

1987 Increased capital to 50 millions, purchased land to build new factory, company moved to the current location.

1983 Increased capital to NT$ 35 millions, took the lead in this industry in Taiwan as we introduced AIDA 110 ton NC-1 Pneumatic Press, AIDA NC1-11 Press and Robot Arms to form the automatic production line.

1980 Purchased wire-cutting equipment, set up Wire-Cutting Department, and thus became the first enterprise in the stamping industry in Taiwan to introduce wire-cutting operation.

1978 Took the lead in employing quick working press automation procedures.

1972 Renamed as Cheng Fwa Industrial Co. Ltd. with NT$ 15 millions of capital, provided electronic parts stamping design and production service.

1964 Established Cheng Fwa Industrial Workshop and began to provide die-stamping service.

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