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Company Profile
Business ideology
Business Model
Cheng Fwa Milestones
Worldwide Location
Quality and HSF policy
Organizational Chart
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Business ideology

Cheng Fwa follows the ideal of “sustainable management” advocated by our founder, Mr. Cheng Fwa, Tsai. We believe the future of the company lies within the implementation of “Win-Win-Win” management model, customer-orientation and people–orientation.

Optimization of Quality, Service and Cost – quality,service and optimization of cost

To achieve the long-term objective of sustainable operation in the fast-changing world, Cheng Fwa understands that customer satisfaction is the key to market success. We have therefore proactively determined to surpass customer’s expectation by enhancing the added values attached to self-products, brand and services.

Cheng Fwa seeks to fulfill customer’s needs and create values for customers. Our superior technical support provides customers with reliable and competitive services, and helps customers to achieve cost-down and value enhancements. Cheng Fwa deftly utilizes critical know-how to advance added value that ultimately maximizes customer satisfaction, consolidates customer loyalty and customer retention.

In addition to boosting customer satisfaction, Cheng Fwa also promotes the “Win-Win-Win” philosophy.  The application of customer relation management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain management (SCM) enables us to optimize costs, qualities and services for our customers.

To achieve the win-win-win objective and to maintain a mutually beneficial long-term partnership with customers/suppliers, Cheng Fwa has taken up several endeavors. We believe a better future arises from this mutually beneficial process.

Business strategy –customer satisfaction, innovative design, harmonious labor relations, global perspective

Customer-orientation, Integrity, Quality

Customer satisfaction is always the goal pursued by us, integrity is the central idea of every activity we do, and quality is the guiding principle that we follow. By upholding the principle of integrity, we are making efforts to provide customers with the best services. Our professional engineers perform quality control using a comprehensive quality assurance system throughout the production process. Following years of hard work, Cheng Fwa has earned customer trust and loyalty with sound reputation and excellent quality.

Innovate the design, Seize the day, Realize the potential
Innovation propels us to carry on growing and improving. Our superior R&D team continues to prove its strength with the number of patents we have obtained. We not only seize the day but also realize our potentials as we strive to innovate in response to the ever-changing technology industry.

People-orientation, Harmonious labor relations, Mutual benefit
To customers, Cheng Fwa wins their trusts with integrity. To employees, we adopt a humanity-based approach to reinforce cohesion between the management and member of staffs. We think highly of employee benefits and seek to provide them with the best possible care. Cheng Fwa hopes to make employees feel at home, therefore we offer company dormitory which could accommodate more than 100 employees. In order to improve the condition of accommodation, a renovation project was completed in 2009. Besides this, Cheng Fwa established the reserve watchdog committee for retired staffs in 1987. In 1998, Employees' Welfare Committee was founded and a regular Labor-Management Conference has been held every month. Employees are not only offered the option to subscribe to company shares, but also profit-sharing program, annual company trip and this promotes shared interests and a harmonious labor relations.

Overseas market expansion, Internationalized operation, Real-time service
In order to expand the overseas market and provide prompt service for international customers, Cheng Fwa has already set up factories or business branches in the U.S.A., Canada and Mainland China. Based in Taiwan, we try to take a broad view of the world. We want to not only compete with the domestic counterparts of the same industry, but also all the rivals in the international market, aiming at enhancing our competitive strength via continuous contrast.


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